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March 14, 2020


Good afternoon SFMEA membership. 


This announcement  likely comes as no surprise, but your board wanted to make sure everyone officially knew that due to Governor Jay Inslee’s closure of all Washington State Public Schools to control the spread of COVID-19, all SFMEA activities including large group festivals are canceled.


Your SFMEA board will begin working on the refunds of registration fees that have been received for these canceled events.


We are all very saddened by the unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in.  Our teachers and students have worked very hard to share their music with others; family, friends, peers, and more.  We will miss the feedback and guidance from the talented adjudicators that our reps have acquired, we will miss the collegial interaction we get to experience this time of year, and we will miss the thrill of performing for others.


I suspect that many of us are still in a bit of shock and disbelief with all of this.  As we begin to wrap our minds around it, feel free to share enrichment opportunities you all might have to keep our students involved in genuine music learning activities. 

Thank you for all of your time with students and for your patience.  Thank you to our reps that spent endless hours volunteering to coordinate festival schedules, adjudicators and much more.


Stay healthy and hope to see you all soon!

Rob Lewis

SFMEA President

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